Linking Biotechnologies for Human Healthcare

Biolink International, Inc. provides specialized services and solutions to pharmaceutical firms, bio-venture firms in the pre- and post- IPO stages, and technology-based firms located outside of Japan that aims to expand strategic partnership and alliances for their pharmaceuticals and drug discovery technology with Japanese pharmaceutical firms and other research organizations in Japan for business growth and global coverage. Biolink International, Inc. offers customized services to meet client's specific needs. Specialized services which Biolink International, Inc. offers are in the following areas:

  • A. Supporting Partnering & Licensing of Pharmaceuticals
  • B. Business Development & Evaluation of Opportunity
  • C. Collaboration for New Seed Pharmaceuticals
  • D. Introduction of Drug Discovery Technology
Areas where Biolink International, Inc. supports
(Disease) (License Support) (Research Report) (Drug Discovery)
・Cancer & Cancer related ・Preclinical compounds ・Regulatory ・Proteomics
・Neuro-degenerative diseases ・Novel or existing compounds ・R & D ・Drug design
・Pain ・MAbs ・Market potential ・Drug delivery
・Infection ・Proteins ・Sales forecasting
・GI ・Bio-betters ・Competition
・Cardiovascular ・Immuno cell- therapy ・NHI price
・Immunology ・Business & alliance evaluation
Partnering & Licensing

Out-licensing & in-licensing company's pharmaceuticals is a key strategy decision for
pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology firms.

Biolink International, Inc. provides its expertise, experience, knowledge and networks to ensure
smooth licensing processes and negotiation with prospective firms.
The company offers partnering services for pharmaceuticals in various development stages.

Consulting services which the company has provided are:

Licensing to Japan:
・Renal disorder, cancer, cancer support therapies, movement disorders, etc.

Licensing from Japan:
・Urinary disorders, eye care drugs, cancer, infectious diseases, etc.

Business Development

Biolink International, Inc. offers variety of consulting services to meet client's needs in the business development areas.

The company provides following services:

Evaluation of opportunity using in-house analytical process:
 ・Market Analysis
 ・Evaluation of potential of a new pharmaceutical in Japan

Partner screening & evaluation:
 ・Identification of companies for potential partnering

Physieian interview:
 ・Interview of KOL for drug profiling

Advising on business development in US and European markets:
 ・Commercial opportunity

New Pharmaceuticals

New & novel seed pharmaceuticals that are discovered by research organizations require assistance
of experts for advancing them toward clinical development and commercial phases. Biolink International, Inc.
offers expertise & commitment to develop and manage the process.
The company assists management of start-up operations and arranges research collaboration with pharmaceutical
and biotech firms in Japan and abroad.

Biolink International, Inc. assists in the following areas:
 ・Evaluation of seed technology for commercial applications in Japan and abroad
 ・Licensing seed pharmaceuticals to domestic or foreign firms
 ・Managing business development functions for a Japanese start-up business operations
 ・Arranges research collaborations for a Japanese university and start-up firms

Drug Discovery Technology

New technologies for new drug discovery processes are emerging rapidly in the Post-Genome era.
The company assists technology companies operating outside Japan finding a new business
collaboration with Japanese pharmaceutical firms in the field of new drug discovery platform.

Biolink International, Inc. assists in the following areas:
 ・Evaluation of novel platform technology for Japanese market
 ・Assistance in negotiation of technology license & cllaboration
 ・Follow-up to assure compliance with agreement

Consulting service which the company has provided are:
 ・Industrial Proteomics Technology for fee-for-service in Japan
 ・Introduction of new process chemistry technologies to Japanese pharmaceutical firms
 ・Cllaboration with Japanese pharmaceutical firms for drug design technology
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